Xchime doorbell is a smart live video camera to protect your house

If you have never wondered about the benefits of having a video camera doorbell, we can assure there are a lot of benefits of having one, like Xchime doorbell—1080p HD live video camera. Such as being able to see who is at the door before answering and/or when you are not home.

Let’s be honest, it’s always a smart idea to keep a solid distance between you and unknown. And sure nobody likes to deal with people who seems suspicious when the doorbell rings. Xchime features an audio control through your smartphone, tablet or PC which lets you communicate with whoever at the door before opening the door.

Even tho, size matters in most cases in life but sometimes small things can make a huge difference in our lives. Just because they are small, they can blend into our lives so well. Like Xchime 1080p HD live video camera doorbell. Installing a doorbell camera is an affordable and smart way to make your life easier and safer. You’re either at home or out of town, having a solid security for your house is sure is a worry-free way to live your life—as it offers a range of security benefits for you and your family. In addition, unlike other doorbell camera brands Xchime offers garage door integration.

How about when you are waiting for your online orders to be delivered? A lot of hassle to worry about, huh. Obviously, the delivery guy will either show up late or never even arrive, and then he will claim you didn’t answer the door. Having a camera, like Xchime doorbell video camera, will settle any argument if they arrived or not. Xchime comes with a smart light bulb which automatically turn on when motion is detected. By checking Xchime remotely when smart light bulb motion is sensed—without having to take the whole day off work—you can keep your packages away from opportunistic thieves. This doorbell video camera is also weahter-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about what if your security gadget will get ruined or not.

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