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Cover your laptop’s camera with Intelligent Security Camera Cover

Why you should cover up your laptop’s webcam with Intelligent Security Camera Cover

There is no doubt that your cyber security matters a lot since we live in the digital world. If you want to be absolutely sure nobody is spying on you or listening to you, act smart like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and cover your webcam, and smartphone’s camera with Intelligent Security Camera Cover. There are different ways of doing so, but you shouldn’t just cover it with tape or a peel-off sticker while you could do it with an eye-catching style. This intelligent security camera cover for your laptop and smartphone perfectly matches with your expensive gadgets‘ outlook. Speaking of, it works with most of the different brand laptops and smartphones. Unlike other brands, the thickness of the camera cover doesn’t damage your laptop or smartphone—yet it adds an aesthetic and cool design to your gadgets. The thickness is only 0.70 mm. After it is attached, it ends up looking like the part of your device. It flavors in two different colors, silver and black. This security camera cover can be easily removed when you actually want to use it. You can easily slide the ring to the side. In addition, the design prevents you from having to touch around the camera area to use it, keeping that area cleaner.why you should cover your laptop's camera for privacy

Not only do you need the Intelligent Security Camera Cover for a peace of mind when you use your gadgets, but also for preventing yourself to be spied on from hackers. It’s a known fact that hackers can get into your devices easily by hacking your devices’ software. The reason for that is that hackers stand to profit the most if they can capture footage or audio to use for blackmail.why you should cover your laptop's camera for privacyIt’s safe to assume that someday your laptop or smartphone will get hacked. That’s been said, most of the apps on your smartphone can access to your smartphone’s camera with or without your permission. However, having something stylish, like Intelligent Security Camera Cover, to help you figure and stop the possible hacks is for your own good. If you’re really unlucky you’ll be explicitly targeted and the hack will be truly invasive; private conversations posted, nude photos may get leaked, and of course purchase histories with all the account information.

If you’re still not convinced about the fact why you need Intelligent Security Camera Cover for your laptop or smartphone, we highly recommend you to watch the TV show, The Black Mirror, episode of “Shut Up and Dance” on Netflix. For your info, this episode is on season 3, episode 3. However, after you watch the show, you’ll have a clear idea of why you need to cover your camera for your privacy. But here’s little spoiler alert to point out why you need this eye-catching security camera cover. The hackers who hack the webcam of 19-year-old Kenny (Alex Lawther), film him masturbating, and blackmail him and various other characters into committing increasingly ill-advised acts. Not only do they hack his computer, but also some other people’s computers to push them to commit some organized crimes as well. Watch that episode to understand why we highly recommend you to have a better understanding about protecting your privacy on digital devices, with something very small, yet stylish—like Intelligent Security Camera Cover.

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