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Display your messages with a style via Vestaboard Mechanical Display

Clacking boards, a relic of the bygone era made its comeback at CES 2018–with Vestaboard mechanical display that can be connected to the internet. The messages can be updated from anywhere via WiFi or apps like Twitter, Teamsnap, Envoy, Slack, and Google Calendar. It works with contemporary home assistants like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home. Vestaboard features an eye-catching design of a split-flap display–that we all see at a train station in Europe or remembering it from an old movie.

Vestaboard Mechanical Board CES 2018

With the dimension of a 42-inch TV, it can help you manage your schedule and keep your graft in sync. It can display up to 161 characters at a time within the 23×7 grid module.

Learn more at Vestaboard.