SOURCE Slim 4 – Quartz Travel Kit Vape Pen


At first glance, it is very obvious to see what puts SOURCEvapes above its competitors. Not only does SOURCE Slim 4 Quartz Vape Pen feature an eye-catching design, but it also offers to its users an amazingly powerful, well-balanced, yet very smooth vaping experience—nothing like you have ever experienced with a vaporizer pen. This vaporizer, without a control panel, looks like it was pulled out of a space shuttle, employing a simple switch button that offers 3 different temperature settings. Also, it is less than 5 inches tall that’ll fit in your pocket for a quick grab and go occasions. What’s more, it works with 9×4 Series atomizers, which means they work with SOURCE orb 4,Flosstradamus Source orb XL, SOURCE nail, and SOURCE orb XL.

Source Slim 4 Quartz also features a variable airflow system with 5 different settings—that easily adapts to your desired vaping experience. You either like an easy and smoother hit or abundantly thick vapor. Unlike other vape pen brands in the market, SOURCEvapes offers a worry-free lifetime warranty with Source Slim 4 Quartz. But more importantly, it comes with 2 different concentrate atomizers to remind you that your money was well spent in each thick and smooth hits. That’s been said, it also includes quartz coil-less SOURCE nail Quartz atomizer—which is the only vape pen you can truly vape off pure quartz. The end result? A true vaping experience.

Buy Source Slim 4 Quartz at SOURCEvapes — $89.95