Help and Save African Penguins from Extinction with Artificial Nests

As one of the most wonderful animals in the world, saving the African Penguins from extinction is a must do duty for all of us. Sadly, human actions are leading to the extinction of these wonderful and majestic creatures. To help try and put an end to this, The Association of Zoos & Aquariums—aka AZA—are currently holding a fund-raising appeal to try and stop this horror by creating handmade artificial nests. With massive backing already, the goal is coming ever-closer: but more people are needed to ensure that the objective can be met. While we once had over one million breeding pairs of these penguins, today we have a shocking 25,000 left. If action is not taken soon to stop the problems that cause this rapid rate of decay, then we will have to say farewell to this amazing species of penguin, our little friends African Penguins.

Incredible birds who are known for building their nests and raising families in strong and secure households made of manure, these majestic beasts are well worth trying to save from extinction—and of course it’s our duty to do so. They showcase to our species what the importance of family and togetherness are. Unfortunately, we’ve been using their guano – excrement – as a form of fertilizer, and this is leaving African Penguins without a chance to build the homes that keep themselves and their families so safe. The end result is minimal food supplies and predators being able to access them easier. Changes to their environment and habitat, too, is playing a major role in the extinction of this incredible species – the rate of decline is utterly unsustainable.

Saving The African Penguins from Extinction

Save African Penguins from Extinction with Artificial Nests

African Penguins in their artificial nesting boxes on Dyer Island, Western Cape, South Africa

If something is not done about this, then the end of the African penguins could be near. This fundraising campaign—building artificial nests for penguins—can help to offer a chance for ensuring that nests can be made without the need for their resources to be so minimized. A powerful, artificial nest program is being developed that, once perfected, could offer a chance for safe and sustainable living for these creatures. We hope that, as time goes on, more can be created as we see first-hand thesuccess that this could have.

Saving the African penguins from extinction requires human action to make up for what we have taken in the past. Now, we can make that possible. With each design being made entirely by hand, we ensure that it will be made from safe materials that are going to ensure the nests cannot be mass-produced, with every design created in a manner that means fabrication is not possible. By creating environmentally friendly nests that can allow for the African penguins to easily and effectively live in harmony, we can halt their rapid decline instantly. With a 15-year lifespan for each nest that can be re-used at the end of its lifespan, this offers a chance to provide the herds with the chance to have a safe, secure home once again.

Human greed and ruthless ambition has seen us take away what once made the African penguins so safe. As part of this program, you can make sure that you can make up for the mistakes of the past. Help and save African Penguins from extinction with these artificial nests. Will you?

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