I Want It Now

The Osmo Mobile 2 by DJI

Indeed, crafting video stories with smartphones can be pretty unperturbed and intriguing with the new OSMO Mobile 2 by DJI. It’s a handheld smartphone lightweight 3-axis gimbal tool to capture smooth and shake-free footage.  f you’re in love with creating stories with your smartphone–for your Instagram followers–on the go then the Osmo Mobile 2 is just te right thing you need. It’s simple to use; just select your subject and ActiveTrack will follow–using built-in sensors to offer a solid stability.

The new pivoting feature will let the user switch between portrait and landscape orientations. The handle is fairly ergonomic with easily accessible multi-function buttons. You can create some incredible moments with options like Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, and Slo-mo. Newly added zoom slider feature will let you record with more fluid and cinematic zoom. It has a fixed battery flaunting 15 hours of battery life. An impeccable gear to create and share your story on the go.

Buy Osmo Mobile 2 at DJI.