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No more mess after drinking French Press with Rite Press

Making French Press coffee or tea at home can’t be any easier. With Rite Press French Press, you can create full-flavored coffee or tea in under 4 minutes, and best of all “THERE IS NO MORE MESS” to clean after drinking your coffee or tea.

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This Kickstarter campaign features an integrated thermometer and timer to ensure proper brewing. However, another eye-catching feature–that makes this coffee maker interesting–is its twist-off removable bottom. It’s a true mess-free coffeemaker with its stainless steel filter and removable bottom chamber. Once the timer goes off, all you need is to press the plunger and your coffee is ready. The color signs on the thermometer can alert users regarding the coffee temperature. Office executives, college students, or the rushers would find this French Press maker pretty convenient.

Learn more about this crowdfunding project at Kickstarter.