NFL Super Bowl Football 2018 Hand-Painted Chess Game Set

Are you excited for NFL Super Bowl Football 2018? Here’s something to keep your adrenaline running till the game starts.

Nowadays, you can have TOUCHDOWNS even in a chess game–as we’re excited to see some showy touchdowns this year’s NFL Super Bowl Football 2018. Here’s something that offers both games joys in one game, NFL Football Super Bowl Hand-painted Chess Game Set. After opening the box, you would be welcomed with 2 groups of vivid, hand-painted chessmen in various postures.

They are designed with felt bottoms for stable standings. For the tint, you have the option to choose from black, blue, green, yellow or silver. The board, on the other hand, was built with walnut root veneer. The inlay borders and rounded corners blended perfectly with the dark brown silhouette of the board.

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