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Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker at CES 2016

The tech giant companies, as well as other small tech companies showed their new wearable gadgets at CES 2016. Misfit’s new Ray fitness and sleep monitor was one the coolest wearable gadget at CES 2016. Because it brings some style into the game with its look. Misfit’s new Ray fitness tracker doesn’t have a boring design like other wearable fitness trackers. Instead, Misfit’s Ray has stylishly designed, so you can wear anywhere without hesitation.  It comes with two different colors; carbon black and rose gold. You can choose either sports band or leather band, this is up to your style. Some may argue the idea of having replaceable button cell batteries for their gadgets but for sure this is a better idea if your gadget is a water resistant. This cool wearable gadget features water resistant to 50 meters. It also has multicolor LED display option.

Misfit’s new Ray fitness tracker monitors your daily activities such as sleep duration and quality, shows you how many steps are taken and the distance you traveled. You can also tag some of your specific activities like cycling, yoga or walking.  Obviously, it tracks and monitors how many calories you burn during your activities. Without a doubt, it also provides vibration alerts for calls, texts and alarms. All the features may sound similar to the other wearable gadgets but Misfit has the stylish one with their new Ray fitness  sleep monitor.

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If you want to check out Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker’s video on Youtube made by CNET , go ahead and click here. Enjoy.