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Livin is a smart shower gadget that helps you save water

Now, the era came where your shower will notify you when the water temperature is right. Livin is a smart shower gadget that will allow you to control your shower with just a push of a button. This Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign also features app controls and voice controls via Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Upon receiving the command, this smart gadget can warm up the water for you and pause when ready.


You can set profiles, customize preferences, and track water usage via the app control. It can learn your preferences over time and will let you walk in the shower with your preferred settings. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. It’s like your dream shower come true-set up your most desired water temperature to enjoy the process and listen to your favorite your music in same time. No more worrying about getting your phone or speaker into the shower to enjoy your shower time.

livin-smart-shower-gadget-kickstarter-projectMost eye-catching feature of Livin smart shower gadget is that helps you save the water up to 1,875 gallons per year for average household* which is equivalent to 30,000+ glasses of water. Since we have this awful drought problem to deal with here in California, this is probably one of the must-have gadgets for anyone to save water.

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