LifeBattery AIR is the only power bank you need for your Apple products

It’s pretty obvious to see that carrying a power bank for your gadgets is probably the most common need for everyone. LifeBattery AIR will satisfy your need for each Apple products you have. Literally, it’s the perfect, yet most stylish power bank for any Apple products.

lifebattery air indiegogo for macbook apple

LifeBattery AIR features the PSW technology (Pure Sine Wave) system which naturally produces clean electricity to your gadget without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically. It weights only 1.6 lbs which is light enough to carry in your backpack. You won’t even notice it’s there. Unlike other power banks, its battery—a Li-ion batter— offers a pretty strong capacity which is 27,200mAh. Featuring a magnetic charging input and 3 ports—1 AC output which offers the latest PSW technology (Pure Sine Wave). It also has 2 USB outputs—USB type A and type C. It enables you to charge 2 MacBooks and your iPhone or iPad in full power simultaneously.

lifebattery air indiegogo for apple macbook

The team behind AIR, FLiFLi, also thinks like Apple INC by creating a sleek, compact and an eye-catching product. That’s been said, LifeBattery AIR’s cool design was inspired by the newest MacBook which offers different color options—unlike other MacBooks—to its users. Color options to choose from are Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

With AIR, you can easily charge your Apple devices while having a worry free mind about if your device stays stable or not. Easy and stable magnetic charging input connection just like MagSafe by Apple will prevent your port from getting damaged. Simply just Cling! There you go. In addition, it’s designed to be charged in less than 4 hours for full capacity.

When LifeBattery AIR is fully charged, it can help you to charge your MacBook Air up to 68 hours which pretty damn awesome. Also, up to 38 hours charge for your iPad Pro, 53 hours for iPad mini. And wait for it….. up to 360 hours of charging capacity for your iPhone smartphone. How amazing is that, right!

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