Remember people’s names and facts about them with watZis app

How many memorization techniques we need to learn to remember people’s name or the basic things about their life—such as their birthday, job or even better, their hobbies. With watZis, you can pull all the data you need about people by simply saying a word or fact that you want to be able to recall. Carrying a little notebook to write down everything we learn about people we just met, is an old school way of remembering things. How app works is very simple; after all the words that you used to record the memory are automatically stored in a relational database on your smartphone and by saying—or entering one or more of those words you will see all matching entries.

As Dale Carnegie points out the importance of remembering little things about the people we just met, in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People and writes; A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language. watZis is a new way of making people more valued and respected when we meet them for the next time.

Ideally, watZis is not just an ordinary app that you see it on App Store, it’s more than that. Remember a time when someone you met only once, greeted you the next time by your name—or remembering something that you mentioned to them before. Like when you step into your favorite coffee shop and the barista remembers your favorite coffee drink. What a great feeling, isn’t it? Obviously, it makes you feel special. This is what watZis offers to its users.

Even tho it doesn’t feel right, thanks to the cutting edge technology, very soon, we won’t even have to remember a thing about anything. is created for that exact purpose. To help you remember people’s name or facts about their life that we learned about over a conversation with them. watZis will be available for Apple and Android smartphones in early September. It doesn’t require you to connect your phone to Wi-Fi service to use the app—after you installed it, and it can be used offline.

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