3 in 1 Portable Quilo — Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Quilo Fan is more than just a simple cooler its innovative, quiet, compact, portable, and power-saving formula. It’s a powerful fan that can transform into an evaporative air cooler and humidifier with the sways of your finger.

In contrast to power-hungry aeration and cooling systems, an evaporative air cooler can be a rational, compact, and energy efficient arrangement. The idea of enjoying reviving cool air in hot climate and moistness in frigid days using a single gear is certainly momentous. The scenario is particularly appealing when you consider its 7.4-watt power consumption against a 12-Watt iPad!

The Appearance

At the outset, let us take a quick look at the externals before delving into other features. Quilo worked with an award-winning German design agency to concoct a gorgeous yet efficient design for this gear. Considering its size, lower noise levels, and sturdy construction, this fan-cum-air cooler-cum-humidifier clearly managed to realize its undertakings.

At the top, a LED display was showcased trailed by a control panel. The control panel encases a range of buttons featuring power, fan, cooler, humidifier and the rest. Below the control panel, the grill vents and the water compartment was set motioned on top of the wheels. The internal edifice contains assorted compartments for water and ice.

For better visibility and easier maintenance, the team behind the idea of Quilo Fan, added a low-energy LED light to the water level checking post. The meticulous internal engineering managed to maximize the power efficiency and airflow throughout the system. Likewise, the internal construction made the cleaning process rather easy and straightforward for the users.

The Air Cooler

With a couple of simple steps, you can enjoy scrumptiously cool airs in summer. First thing first, you have to click open add pour water into the dedicated compartment. You can check the water level even from the outside. Within moments, Quilo’s evaporative cooling technology will begin to reduce the incoming warm air temperature. This rapid temperature diminution will result in a refreshingly cool breeze. You can always add ice to the dedicated ice compartment for a faster and more effective cooling.

The Humidifier

The same air cooler from the summer can evolve into an unwinding humidifier in winter. The trick lies in the maneuver of the settings. In summer, you have to put the setting on a high level for a cooler air. However, you have to do quite the opposite in the winter. After bucketing water, you need to put it on a lower setting for Quilo Fan to become an effective room humidifier. In this fashion, an air cooler can become the best humidifier for bedrooms and treat seasonal dry skin and hypersensitivities.

The Portability

With a set of chic and durable wheels, this portable evaporative cooler cum humidifier was designed to move. The 13.2 lbs of the super-light assemblage of Quilo can easily be rolled from room to room or house to house.

Other Features

– Quilo comes with a fully functional remote control that enables the users to operate it from across the room.

– Inspired by portable battery-controlled gadgets, Quilo Fan engineers developed a brushless DC motor. This patent-pending technology primarily focuses on limiting energy consumption while maximizing the airflow.

– For an improved air quality, Quilo added Active Carbon Filters to sift out the dust particles and odor-causing toxins.

– Quilo doesn’t contain a compressor or refrigerant gas, makes it an awesome CFC-Free and eco-friendly cooling and humidifying arrangement.

Learn more Quilo Fan at Kickstarter.