BuildOne is an affordable 3D printer for college students

BuildOne is an affordable 3D printer for any students who wants to go beyond their imaginations. It features WiFi connection, mobile support, and auto bed leveling just under $100. No, you haven’t heard it wrong! It’s not a dream anymore and with ‘BuildOne’, built it by Robotic Industries LLC. Also, they have proven that there is no reason not to have a 3D printer at this price range. Regardless of its uses, this 3D printer comes with auto calibration, auto leveling, WiFi, modular, LED status, panic button, and affordable add-ons.

Whether it is the simple cable connection, Bowden Extruder, lead screws, stepper motors, infrared end stops, automatic z-probe, custom hot end,——single piece ABS base, or the fully integrated main board, the simple yet sturdy blueprint made it fairly easy to assemble the printer. BuildOne 3D printer‘s entire setup weighs around 4 lbs and can be powered via a 12V AC adaptor. With open source Marlin firmware, you can modify the settings to your heart’s content. In addition, the power users can pick almost all the industry standard software for design and printing.

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