Kefirko Cheese Maker for Homemade Cheese

Probiotics are extremely beneficial for a healthy digestive system. To take advantage of probiotics, Marko Borko and Andrej Glažar had shown us how easy it is to make cheese with Kefirko Cheese Maker. You can make your Kefir cheese at home without any starters or additives. Kefirko Cheese Maker is a specially designed glass jar that can produce some scrumptious cheese with some simple steps. All you need to do is to pour the fermented Kefir into the jar and let it strain. The longer it strains, the drier and thicker the cheese becomes. Hence, strain in accordance with your preferred consistency. For instance, you can let it strain overnight for a creamy consistency, one to two days for a semi-hard consistency. After straining, you can flavor your cheese via adding nuts, fruits, or other spices. In addition to Kefir cheeses, you can also prepare the regular items like mascarpone, mozzarella, and Greek yogurt with this cheese maker. Don’t forget the recipe book with lots of tasty cheese meals.

Kefirko Cheese Maker features 4 different parts; Lid, basket, ring, glass jar.

Lid is for covering the cheese while it’s straining. It prevents small pieces and flies to fall into the cheese. It also prevents the cheese from absorbing smells from other food in the fridge. When you finished preparing the cheese with Kefirko Cheese Maker, the lid is used as a tray. Mesh basket features a hard frame that makes it more sturdy which also separates the whey from cultured dairy. When cheese is ready you can easily turn it upside don the plate. The ring is an essential part of Kefirko Cheese Maker. It’s placed together with the mesh basket onto the glass jar. When the kefir strains, the amount of kefir cheese dips under the lower level of the ring. Last part we’re going to talk about is the glass jar. It’s is used to preserve the whey that remains when straining kefir.

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