Flask Coffee and Tea Maker offers the joy without any mess

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a pro to make premium quality coffee or tea. With Flask Coffee and Tea Maker, you can easily brew high-quality coffee or tea at home. It’s like No More Mess Rite Press French Press we’ve featured last time. Flask is a follow up of the STEAMPUNK® Commercial Brewer by Alpha Dominche. It is an innovative and elegant coffee press for all the home brewers. In this edition, this Kickstarter coffee campaign features two chamber design with different filter options for a refined cup of coffee. On the other side, the removable base will allow users to clean the press with ease. Flask French Press also features BPA free plastics along with stainless steel piston and filter–also including borosilicate glass carafe and leather wrapped handle. Above all, what makes this coffee maker stand out the most is its removable base which allows you to throw used tea leaves and coffee grounds straight to trash–or compost after you’re done making coffee. It can brew up to two mugs of coffee, perfect to share with friends in student dorms.

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