Apple announces HomePod speaker to take on Amazon, Google and Sonos

Apple’s new home speaker, HomePod speaker, has been officially announced at The Worldwide Developers Conference—WWDC 2017. It’s the newest smart home gadget that’s about to go on Amazon Echo and Google Home. Not only is HomePod going to assist you with the answers to your questions, but it’s also focusing to be a great speaker to play your favorite music when any music streaming apps synced to it. It’s either Apple Music, or even better with Spotify. Since the company claims, Apple Inc., this new home speaker HomePod will reinvent everyone’s music taste in homes—like they did with iPod back in days for on the go kind of music. That’s been said, the company also wants to compete with Sonos home entertainment speakers by offering HD quality, yet crispy clean music to its users.

The HomePod comes with Siri, your favorite person to ask questions when you’re in need of answers—such as nearby coffee shops, restaurants or day’s weather before you leave the house. It also features ‘Musicologist’ that syncs with Apple Music to stream your favorite music. Even better, you can even ask super complex questions that Alexa—from Amazon Echo—wouldn’t even get. Such as asking the singers name, or the drummer’s name that you hear in the music. In addition, it also works with existing iTunes library to play music and your favorite podcasts. One of the most amazing features to talk about the HomePod is you can send iMessages with it. So, you don’t have to worry about texting when your hands are full. In addition, not only will you be able to control your smart home gadgets—HomeKit devices—with HomePod speaker while you’re at home, but also when you’re away from home. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, this is a big win-win.

Apple’s new smart speaker features 4-inch upward-facing subwoofer and has Apple A8 chip placed in. The HomePod features spatial awareness which automatically tunes the sound to the space that it’s in. It also has six microphones and seven tweeter-arrays that are always waiting for your commands with a trigger phrase that we’re used to with our iPhone smartphones, ‘Hey, Siri!’. Since Apple loves simplicity in their products, using the HomePod is as easy as you use your smartphone. Just hold your iPhone smartphone next to this new home speaker—the HomePod speaker is compatible with the iPhone 5S and up. After you sync them and bam, the show is about to start at home. Speaking of simplicity, it will be available in two different colors; black and white.

Apple’s new home speaker, The HomePod speaker, the release date is going to be in December 2017, in US for $349. They also plan to ship it to their customers in UK and Australia, and it will be available in international markets—probably in the first quarter.