A Cube-Like Room Within a Room

At a time when affordable living space is becoming a hell of an expensive luxury, we always look for ways to increase functionality within a small space. To achieve this particular objective, Nils Holger Moormann constructed and designed a Kammerspiel to turn a small place into more functional place—a cube-like room within a room. Kammerspiel is an intimate and cinematic portrait that mainly derived from the theater.a cube-like room within a room-moormann-kammerspiel-Nils-HolgerIt’s fundamentally a room within a larger room that differentiates the pace in accordance with the requirement. For instance, it can systematize and arrange spaces for eating, sleeping, working, living into cube-like furniture.a cube-like room within a room-moormann-kammerspiel-Nils-Holger

You can go through these cube-like furniture from different sides. Imagine the smaller and systemic rooms and spaces with a lot of external modules.Other essentials, like clothing storage, are located on the inside of the cube. You can even use the cube wall to hang up a cool looking bicycle.

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