Today’s Best Deals: March 9, 2017

Finding great deals, unique gift ideas and discounts for students is our mission, here at College Gadgets. We are on a daily hunt to find the best deals that web offers. We want to help you save money on online purchases since you’re a student like ourselves—by bringing you a hand-selected collection of products you’ll actually want to have and save money on purchasing those cool products.

Today’s Best Deals, March 9, 2017 includes 5 different cool products. By following/clicking the links in below you will save money on buying Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Mini Steam Iron, Foldable Headset, Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack, and Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. Save up to eighty dollars on a single item. 

JK Stainless Steel Water Bottle
best deals and discounts for students

SAVE $24.01

If you’re jealous of those who loves carrying their water bottle to everywhere they go, then it’s time to get one for yourself. JK Stainless steel water bottle features a double wall vacuum insulated mouth side. Unlike glass and plastic water bottles, JK Water Bottle won’t sweat and leave you with a wet touch. The vacuum insulation keeps your water cold up to 20 hours, and keeps your coffee hot up to 15 hours.

BUY NOW – $20.99

Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

best deals and discounts for students

SAVE $5.05

You don’t need to look sharp when you’re in college but it wouldn’t hurt taking care of your daily outfit. This mini steam iron is a perfect essential for quick touch-ups to your dress. The Steamfast SF-717 is  great for everyday use before you leave the house. It’s a lightweight gear, yet portable go along with you to anywhere. Also, this mini steam iron features 1.4-ounce water capacity, quick 15-second heat-up time and three temperature settings.

BUY NOW – $24.94

KANEN I39 On-Ear Foldable Headphones

best deals and discounts for students

SAVE $30.00

A foldable and stylish on-ear headphone features an comfy design. The headband and the ear pieces are nicely padded, so you won’t get bothered like you’d with a cheap headphone. It also features a noise blocking design.

BUY NOW – $19.99

TRAKK VIGOR Power Bank Universal Backpack

best deals and discounts for students

SAVE $30.05

Having a backpack and carrying it around the college is our common drama. But having more than one gadget with yourself requires an updated version backpack than our cool stylish one. Hiking, camping or being away from power source won’t be issue with TRAKK VIGOR power bank universal backpack. It includes external USB interface to charge your gadgets—such as smartphone or notebook. Built-in 7000mAh power bank attached in backpack, and it’s waterproof to protect your belongings from water. It also features anti theft security pockets.

BUY NOW – $99.95

ZENBRE Wooden Portable Bluetooth Speaker

SAVE $80.01

It features an eye catching design to fit with your home decor. It has up to 10 hrs playtime and features built-in 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium Battery. It is designed to harness the superior acoustic properties of wood to create clear and crispy sound.

BUY NOW – $35.99


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