The TrustBag

Traveling into the city or walking around the college means fitting your valuables into one bag. At first glance, the TrustBag looks like your regular gym bag. But it’s more than that since this one is a theft-resistant as well as a cut resistant bag. The TrustBag‘s design not only was inspired by the newest army-inventions but also by streetwear. Making it a very useful bag for urban living and traveling—also for your college life ahead of you. Speaking of college life, we always carry our precious cool gadgets and text-books in our backpack, obviously. So, in order to keep them safe from theft around the college or in your dorm room, the TrustBag is one of the smartest way to protect them. Even though the fabric they use for the TrustBag is soft, but it’s the most advanced and strongest one in the world—featuring high-molecular Polyethylen and avant-grade fibers. Technically, no-one can dare to go into your bag and steal your goods. This bag is also %100 waterproof, offering a worry-free way to carry your tech gadgets and books if the weather is not in your favor.

If you decide to buy the TrustBag, you have the option to choose the right lock for your bag. You can either choose the German ABUS, or the American Masterlock. The company also attached a flexible cut-proof, tear-proof and rip-proof wired belt—instead of a zipper—which makes it undestroyable. One of the most amazing eye-catching features we have to mention is the TrustBag being RFID-proof—Radio Frequency Identification. It comes with an RFID-proof inside bag to protect the information of your ID, your credit card, and any other scannable data.

Buy one at TrustBag now! $149-$189

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