Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter

Like everyone, we also love pizza since it’s one of the best food ever made on the surface of earth. Not to mention, there are not many dishes we college students love more than pizza. Also, college life means you will have lots of pizza and different varieties of awesome pizzas—depends on where your college life takes you to. Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter is a perfect component when it’s time to throw pizza party, either in your dorm room or anywhere pizza can be eaten. Feeling like an Italian Pizza Chef and a Time Traveler like Doctor Who in same time is possible when you use Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter. It’s officially licensed Doctor Who product. This pizza cutter uses batteries, so you can also enjoy the sound effect of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver every time you cut a slice of pizza.

Pick one at ThinkGeek — $9.99

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