SmoothVu Video Stabilizer for Your Smartphone and Your GoPro

Let’s be honest, either you like it or not, the cutting-edge technology is taking all of us to the ‘sharing is caring’ age where we constantly share everything with our friends, family, and our followers via our favorite social media platforms. SmoothVu video stabilizer is here to help you deliver a better, yet crispier video content with its unique way of stabilizing your mobile phone. As its name predicts, world’s first portable production studio for your phone, SmoothVu offers steady and crispy video quality when it comes to record and document some of your unforgettable college memories.

There are a lot of possibilities your video may not be as good as your favorite YouTube stars—such as; the wind, your unbalanced arm moves, or you may be running after a good shot. Having high-quality camera gears to help you create some dope videos can be expensive as well as carrying them around can be a hell of a hassle. SmoothVu video stabilizer is a smart and small camera gear that can be placed in your backpack easier than the massive camera gears. It also includes everything you need if you want to compete with favorite your YouTube stars or Instagram Live story makers rather than just being a follower, forever! SmoothVu comes with 3 axis brushless motor stabilizer, professional recording mic, high intensity adjustable LED lights, hard case, and wide angle lenses for your smartphone. If you want to be in the video or start your own live videos, it also includes a tripod to take that worry away from you.

SmoothVu Video Stabilizer for Your Smartphone and Your GoProIt’s also equipped with a side port to allow charging from the SmoothVu battery, instead of using the battery of your phone which is one of the eye-catching features for anyone who hates their phone’s battery running out so fast. In addition, this cool design camera gear offers an active tracking via its App. You can set the app to follow a face and camera by itself will follow that face or it can be your cat, automatically.
It’s time to record your videos like a professional. Take pride in your video contents, take SmoothVu video stabilizer to feel smooth.

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