Invoxia NVX 200 turns your smartphone into a desk phone

We sure have seen a wide variety of music docking systems for our smartphones, regardless of operating systems or models. However, how many of you have seen or used a communication docking system, like Invoxia NVX 200. It turns your smartphone into a desk phone— which we find it very cool. Because, the best school is old school. And now with NVX 200, you can enjoy a much relaxed communication environment, which will ultimately make your life a lot easier. Obviously, you should be aware of the fact that holding phones close to your ear for a longer timeframe may actually be hazardous to your health. If you are a fan of talking on the phone more than you prefer texting, then NVX 200 is the best gear for you to have. However, with this docking system, the user can have conversations, HD voice loudspeaker conference calls, and protect your health with ease. It’s compatible with all smartphones and supports all voice and video apps.

Buy now NVX 200 at Invoxia — $249.00

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