Your dog will thank you for having the Gosi pet care health tracker

Gosi is a new type of pet care technology device. It helps pet owners to be able to see a helpful health stats of their pets on their phone’s screen. And yet, Gosi is also a trainer tool and a smart GPS device. As it obvious we don’t understand the language of our cute pet friends, it’d be very nice of us to have some sort of gadget to see if our pets have any health issues or not.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology as it grows rapidly, we’re more advanced in health than any other generations had been. Not only are we able to develop new tech gadgets to take care and keep a track of our health, but we are also smart enough to come up with a magical idea-—such as Gosi health tracker for dogs—-to help our animal friends in this advanced digital age we live in. No need for wires, and there is no monthly fees to use such a service. So, they can also benefit from it. Since we millennials do believe in the fact that ‘sharing is caring’, the team behind the idea of this smart health tracker for dogs, Gosi, needs to be thanked by everyone for putting their energy into a great cause, helping animals. As we say in California; Mi casa es su casa.

Gosi is designed to be able attached to any of your dog’s favorite collar. So, you don’t need to spend extra cash to get this cool tech gadget working. Also, it gives you a live feed of your pet’s location on your phone when you need it, meaning pets can stay safe and all the pet owners have worry free time when it’s time to play games in the park. In addition, it features ultrasound technology that works in the same way as a clicker.

As we spoke above, Gosi, more than anything, is a great way to keep a track of your pets‘, your best friends’ health. It features a health monitor to keep a track of your dog’s daily activity which gives you heads ups about any possible health problems. It’s doesn’t require a rocket science knowledge to use, simply download its mobile app to see all the stats on your smartphone’s screen.

Learn more at Kickstarter.

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