Expanse Speakers is about to take your gaming life to a whole another new level

Inspired, believe it or not, by the life of gamers, Expanse Speakers is a complete audio system featuring electrostatic speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier to deliver a high-quality sound system for any gamers when it’s time to get in the zone completely. If you don’t appreciate using a gaming headphones, then you know you love the crispier and clearer sound to enjoy the freedom.

Forget about buying a new speaker other than Expanse Speakers for your daily home entertainment while there is something such quality and dope design speakers. This sleek, yet eye-catching design speakers not only built for gamers, but also built for those who enjoys their home theater quality movie time—it’s either with your family, or it’s your ‘Netflix and Chill’ time with your Tinder crush. Also, it’s unbelievably thin compared to all the speakers we know, And yet it’s super compact as well as it’s not heavy like boombox looking speakers.

Expanse Speaker comes in two different flavors; small and large. And both of them can be monitored to a TV or your PC monitor while offering high-quality, distortion-free, yet crispier sound to make your gaming life more attractive than it was ever before. In addition to all, Expanse Speakers come in two different models; The Beat and The Kick.

Expanse Speakers IndiegogoThe Beat is designed for PC gamers in mind. The speakers can mount to your monitor freeing up desk space and the amplifier has been designed to have a minimal footprint.

The Kick is designed to focus the sound at the optimal angle and distance on giving you an immersive wrap around sound experience whether playing your favorite game or watching a movie.

Learn more and back this project at Indiegogo.

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