Dual Wireless Controller Charger Docking Station for Playstation 4

Hey, PS4 Gamers! If you are tired of those regular charging sessions while you can’t actually wait to take on the next boss, you should definitely check out this docking station—dual wireless controller charger docking station for Playstation 4. The package includes a docking stand and a USB charge cable. The docking stand will allow you to securely store and charge up to two controllers simultaneously. Full charge can be completed within 2.5 hours when charging one PS4 controller. Full charge to two controllers simultaneously within 3 hours.

This sleek and compact stand sports a dual-colored LED indicator to show the charging status. The stand is also outfitted with battery protection system that will charge the batteries up to 70%. It’s a perfect gear for a tangle-free charging and nice an ideal resting place for your PS4 controllers.

Buy Dual Wireless Controller Charger Docking Station for Playstation 4 at Amazon — $15.99

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